Thursday, 16 May 2013

Letting go...

I have a thing for old tiles and beautiful quotes, and especially if the two of them get mixed togehter. A little tacky, I know... But hey, forgive me, I love a bit of tacky too. Today I started on a little collection of printable wisdom tiles that I am adding to my new Onneke Printables on Etsy and that I will also turn into a set of cards to go into my Not On The High Street. My first little saying is like a mantra that you have to repeat to yourself when you get stuck in the same thoughts. Let it go. I'm learning to let go of things, and just working on this today helped hugely. You can download it here, turn it into a card, a print, send it off to turn it into fridge magnets... Do what you like. You could even have it printed on a real tile!

And as I have been so busy with work lately, I am going to let go of that as well tonight. I have got some wine waiting for me and some dark orange and ginger chocolate, and rather than fold the mountain of washing that is piled up on my sofa, I am going to snuggle up in it... Come on... let it go!

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