Thursday, 22 May 2014


Life has been good at Onneke HQ, busy but happy. I celebrated my 40th birthday a couple of weeks ago and my son's 9th. I am not sure which number shocks me more. Time flies when you are having fun...

I also had a busy few weeks, prepping files for clients in the States (via A Fresh Bunch) and working on collections for Surtex. It's been fun, I have learned so much over the last months and I am enjoying every little step.

The last week I took a bit of time off, after all the busy days and late nights in the studio, I needed a bit of peace and quiet. So I have met up with some friends, sat in the sun, had another coffee, pottered around in my garden a bit. It was good, I have a talent for procrastinating. I even thought I might skip a month of Lilla Roger's Bootcamp, but it was such a lovely assignment and I recently bought a huge amount of photoshop and illustrator brushes that needed checking out and so I made this yesterday. It's an illustration to go with this article about meditation (it can make you thin!) I loved working on it, so that snapped me out of my lazy bubble, back to work it is...

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  1. What a fab illustration! I'm glad your well and busy! I'm pregnant and basically sleeping or at work so art time has taken a dive :-/ i will check out the lila Rogers bootcamp. I love the lila rogers studio! x