Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Download a cake!

Whenever I have a long to-do-list I tend to make totally random things that have nothing to do with the tasks on my list. Often when I have accounts to do, or when I really need to order new stock, I bake a cake instead. I bake a mean cake, if I may say so myself. Me and my little girl both suffer with a milk allergy and Olive is also allergic to Soya, so we have to make our own treats. Lemon drizzle is high on my list of favorite cakes.

Today, whilst studying my to-do-list, I thought I'd design a Lemon drizzle recipe card first, and then I'll go and get the ingredients so I can bake it.

So, if you have got a lot on as well, maybe you should download the lemon drizzle recipe card (it's free!), and bake it yourself. It helps... Well... It's a good cake, that's for sure. And there is always tomorrow to do accounts...

ps. It's just for personal use, I am sure you guessed that...  

Sorry! You got here too late. The Lemon Drizzle Recipe Card is now available in the shop as a beautiful print that you can frame and hang in your kitchen. Hope you like it!


  1. Awesome concept! Just pinned this to my Sweets & Bakes board. It would make a great poster.
    And now to go and make this cake, a favorite of mine! Thank you :-)

  2. Thanks Lisa. Much appreciated x

  3. What a great idea Onneke, I have opened it on my iPad and even started a new collection of recipes. Your lemon drizzle cake is the first, so thanks. Your designs are lovely as ever x

  4. Ook perfect voor verjaardagen, die cake! xTS

  5. He ja fijn, met een perzikje er bovenop en een glaasje wijn erbij. Volgende keer vieren we dat je veertig + 1 maand bent xx