Wednesday, 23 October 2013


There is a great book from artist's agent Lilla Rogers that is called I just like to make things and apart from it having great content and loads of useful information, I love that title. Because I do just like to make things. Here is what I made today. Some letter paper for my kids to write their wish list to father Christmas. Because I also need to make money (to get them those presents) I have added it to the Printables and I am going to sell it at the Christmas markets that I will be doing this year. I know, it's not going to make me rich, but maybe it will make someone smile and that's good too.

There is a great new market starting in Seaford next Monday (the 28th of October). It's called Made My Monday and it will be on every week in the Clinton Church. I will be there with a little stall on Monday and will try to make it a monthly thing. Do pop over if you are local!

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