Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Going around in ovals...

Oh the poor old blog, it has been seriously neglected. And it has always been one of my favorite things, to write on my blog, to think about what I am going to write next, to make the pictures etc etc. Life has been busy and maybe that's no excuse, but life has been really really busy. Adam has been away for the last 13 and a half weeks. He is retraining to become a commercial diver, my brave and rather extreme man. I have been left to hold the ford and earn the keep... And I did (patting my own shoulder as I type...)

A couple of weeks ago, I read a quote on pinterest that made me smile, it said: You are a magnet of money! It had an awful letter and nasty colours so I didn't repin it (imagine it!) but the phrase stuck with me. I turned it into I Am A Great Money Magnet. And I repeated it over and over. With a smile. And my smile grew as new orders pinged in that week, one after the other. It didn't stop. It was one of my busiest weeks ever! My positive confirmation had worked! (Well, it was fathers day as well but let's forget about that minor detail for now...)

So I turned my Money Magnet into a little print for the girls in my design group to download (a brilliant bunch with never ending support and advice) I will add it to the printables as soon as I have got a moment!

I have also been working on a flower border print that is for sale on Not On The High Street now. You can add names, dates or some text of your own. The print comes in the loveliest oval shaped picture mount.

And then I thought I could add this one as well: You Are Beauty Full. Growing up in Holland and learning English as a second language, I always thought that the word really was BEAUTYFULL, because that makes sense doesn't it? It's full of beauty. I remember feeling very embarrassed when I found out it was spelled differently. But today it came back to me with a smile and I thought it would make a nice print for a girls room. Check out the shop lovely people, to find all these new goodies. There are some brilliant new cross stitch kits coming up as well in some gorgeous new bags.

I'll be back on the blog soon, I promise...


  1. Love the 'Beauty Full' idea and the Money Magnet too. The birthprint is lovely too Onneke xx

  2. thank you. am making this a screen saver!