Sunday, 23 June 2013

MAKE IT! Your own castle...

I thought I should try and do a regular post on my blog about Kids Craft. There are two statements in our house that we live by. The first one is 'we are the sharers' and the second one is 'we are the makers'. Over the years we have made a lot of toys, mostly out of bits from the recycling. They don't last forever, eventually they find their way back into the recycling box, but we all love the whole process. It always starts with a 'need'. I neeeeeed it, Jasper will say and then we will work out a way to make it. Sometimes it's a postbox that he needs, or a till for a shop. A while back he really needed a castle... We were in a beautiful shop in Lewes, called Wickle, where they have amazing toys. Jasper was eying up a wooden castle and said: I really need that mum, I need it for all my knights. So I said: let's make one...


Here is what we did. We went to the local brewery, where they also sell wine and asked for a wine box. The kind man in the shop found us one and gave us all the little wooden bits as well that were inside to keep the bottles in the right position. Brilliant!

Back home I cut out a bit for the door and I got all the staples out. Then the kids sanded the box and all the little pieces that were inside. We painted it with blackboard paint and then I glued the little wooden bits to the top to make it look like a castle (I used copydex). When it was dry we used chalk to draw the windows on and some decorations and then the kids played with it... for hours.

And here is what Olive made today, a beautiful fox mask on a little stick. She coloured it in and was ever so proud. Happy making!

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