Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Summer time

It feels like I have been running a marathon and I can now finally see the finish line. (Really good feeling, I should try a real marathon...) Summer holiday is only a few weeks away. I will keep the shop open for most of the summer but I won't do anything else except get orders out (and unlike normal I will only do a post office run twice a week, instead of every day...) Summer holiday is the time when I sketch, stitch, bake, play. When I hang out with my children from the early morning until late in the evening when they nearly fall over with tiredness. It's when we cycle to the beach, have another picnic, a barbeque, eat cherries from the tree in our back garden, pick greengages, go camping. I am longing for those lazy summer days. Just a few more weeks of getting organised for Christmas, packing up cross stitch kits and finishing some other projects.

The poster is for the kids school summer fair. We won't be around this year as my brother is getting married and we are going to Holland for the weekend to celebrate. But if you are local, pop over... it's where summer really begins.

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