Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Counting crosses

I found these lovely wooden cross stitch pendants (they are available in a variety of shapes) in this online shop. They arrived yesterday (I ordered two...) and I had to start stitching right away. I free styled a little rose with leftover bits of embroidery thread and kind of ignored the rest of the world for the day (the kids turned the upstairs into a different universe, but I'll deal with that later...). I had not done any cross stitching for a while and forgot how lovely it is and how pleasing to see your final result, even if it's only tiny and fits onto a necklace. Now I just have to come up with a design for the second one. But first it's time for coffee, outside. The sun is shining!


  1. Well done Onneke,
    this is so cute and beautiful!
    would you mind if I pin it and add the link to it ;-) enjoy the sunshine x

  2. ofcourse you can. Thanks Gloria x

  3. you are super fast!!!
    and it looks pretty :)