Saturday, 16 March 2013


​I love flowers! There is hardly ever a time when I haven't got flowers in my house. There is an old blue teapot on the table at the moment with a delightful bunch of daffodils in it (if you don't like spending money on flowers, then now is the time to get some, as daffodils are so cheap and they last for quite a while. I even love them when they haven't opened yet.)

But using flowers in my work? Nope. That really isn't me. I'm not a floral pattern kind of girl. But after making my new love birds print (that you can find here)​ I was adamant that I should use the blossom (I can't wait for the cherry and apple blossom to come out in our garden!) in a pattern. And so I scattered them around nicely in Illustrator, added some leaves and branches and tried my very best to make it look good. It ended badly. I just couldn't do it. In the end I made some patterns with forget me nots, all nicely lined up. There are three of them in a little collection and you can find them on my portfolio page.

Happy first of March!​

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