Saturday, 16 March 2013

Love is a pattern

My love for pattern started a very long time ago. I remember staring at patterns on bathroom tiles when I was little, how you could look at one tile and see something so different from when you looked at the whole wall. My mum decorated my tiny little box room with white wallpaper with beautiful blue hearts on, and when I was lying in bed I would stare at the spaces in between, the lines and the rows until I would drift off to sleep (my seven year old stares at Where is Wally books every night to fall asleep!) I used to love the insides of the cover in picture books, and even as a child I used to open presents really carefully so I could keep the wrapping paper.

My mama knitted this little cardi for me in the 70's. She was (and still is) a great knitter and made it up as she went along. It's been much loved, not just by me but also by my little girl Olive. It hangs on our wall now as it is too beautiful to put away in a wardrobe. A while ago, I turned it into a repeating pattern on the computer. Since then I have been daydreaming about fake knitted duvet covers, cushions and stationary. It's a single pattern for now, but it will be part of a beautiful fake knit collection soon. Watch this space!

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